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Software Downloads

Download includes manual, manufacturer's application software, and a USB driver for the manufacturer's cable.

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Generic Name Equipment Name Download Price Buy Now View Cart
MSR 206 MSR206 U + R $25US
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MSE 750 MSE750 $25US Add to Cart View Cart
MSR 300 MSR300 $25US Add to Cart View Cart
MSR500 MSR500 $25US Add to Cart View Cart
MSR500m/Mini123a MSR500m $25US Add to Cart View Cart  
MSR500EX/Mini123EX MSR500EX $25US Add to Cart
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MSR400/Mini400 MSR400 $25US Add to Cart View Cart  
MSR600/Mini600 MSR600 $25US Add to Cart  View Cart
TA Series TA-32, TA-48, PMR-232 $25US Add to Cart View Cart
BT Series BT-32 $25US Add to Cart 
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MPDC/MSR2000 MSR2000 $25US Add to Cart View Cart
SPDC/MSR3000 MSR3000 $25US Add to Cart View Cart

Password Resets and Recoveries

MSR500m, MSR500EX, MSR400, MSR600 - $25US

After the password access fails 8 times - send the code on the screen to payment@mag-stripe.com. You will need the model number and serial number.

TA & BT Series

The equipment may need to returned to the factory - contact payment@mag-stripe.com.


The equipment needs to returned to the factory - contact payment@mag-stripe.com.

Password reset for Reader /Writers - Encoder

Remove the original software and reinstall.

Accessories for Readers and Reader/Writers are available

Contact - payment@mag-stripe.com


Email payment@mag-stripe.com
for Dealer Programs

2311 Sconset Rd, Unit 2B
Wilmington, DE 19810
Phone 800-876-0743
Phone 302-529-1232
Fax- 302-289-7811

Email: payment@mag-stripe.com

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