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The MINIDX4B is the NEW bluetooth card reader! It is able to receive skimmed card information tirelessly!


Brand new portable with the latest technology MINIDX4B has built in Bluetooth and USB interfaces and is a Portable Data Collector. It's wireless connection, allows them to send the mag stripe swipe data to a Computer / Laptop or Mobile phone with Bluetooth capability in real time. It is also able to store data on the device itself for backup. It works with any Bluetooth adapter (Dongle) in the market. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. This device is designed for mag data collection at anytime and anywhere without a computer. Data is read from the cards and sent to the Bluetooth device and kept into the memory.

The MINIDX4B is a self-contained wireless data collection system for capturing the information stored on cards with mag, and is currently the smallest wireless portable reader in the world. It can store the data from tracks 1, 2 and 3 on its International memory for later downloading to a PC via Bluetooth or USB. A timestamp is also stored alongside the data.

It features an internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which is recharged using the mini USB cable. Applications include time and attendance tracking in classrooms or job sites labor tracking as well as contact management and read retrieval for trade shows and conferences.

The MINIDX4B is equipped with a 2M Byte internal memory chip, which can store two thousand complete track 1, 2 and 3 swipes before needing to be emptied, after which it can resume operation. Interface specifications are available to qualified developers wishing to integrate the mini series of portable readers into existing software.

The self-contained Bluetooth wireless interface allows the MINIDX4B to transmit data to a remote computer or peripheral, either in real time or in batch mode. This includes not only any Bluetooth equipped PC, but also our CMP wireless printer or standalone SideKick Bluetooth interface.


  • 2M bytes memory for storing 8000 data
  • Triple track version can collect all 3 tracks data
  • Bluetooth/USB 2 in 1 interface
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 72 hours (3 days)
  • It works with any Bluetooth adapter (Dongle) in the market
  • Wireless range: Up to 26.25 feet (8 meters), depends on the area
  • Class 2 Bluetooth wireless interface
  • Battery powered and low battery indicated
  • Charged by power adapter (5v /110~240v) or USB only 1 hour to full
  • Time stamp shows date and time with every transaction
  • Data downloadable to the computer via Bluetooth or USB
  • Auto Power Off /Switch Control / Really Control set by user
  • Transfer data to MSR206 or MSR606 directly
  • Password Protection defends user
  • Bi Directional
  • Software easy to use


  • Any movable data collection (Trade shows, Racing events)
  • Point of sales card data collection)
  • Law enforcement (DMV card)
  • Attendance (Student ID, Membership card)
  • Employee's Time / Attendance data collection
  • Exhibition visitors' data collection
  • Conference attendants data collection
  • Card verification (Age verification)
  • Point of sales (card data collection)
  • Law enforcement (DMV card)
  • Attendance (Student ID, Membership card)

ISO Standard

Track 1

210 bpi,  79 Alphanumeric Characters   

Track 2

75 bpi,  40 Numeric characters

Track 3

210 bpi, 107 Numeric characters  


Memory size

2M stores up to 8000 records

Time stamp

Date: YY/MM/DD( 2002/04/12 => April 12, 2002 )

Time: HH:MM:SS(19:08:35 => 7:08:35pm)

Week: Sun.=>1, Mon.=>2, Tues.=>3 Wed.=>4, Thurs.=>5, Fri.=>6, Sat.=>7

Example: 2002/04/12 19:08:35 6 => April 12, 2002,  7:08:35pm, Friday


Bluetooth, USB


Card speed through the unit may vary from 3 ~50 ips  

Battery Power

3.7v 220 mAH Rechargeable Battery


Working Temp

0~55 Deg. C

Storage Temp

-10~55 Deg C


10~90% Relative



L 7.8 x W 2 x H 2.6 cm

Net Weight

1.8 oz

Box Contents
1 MINIDX4B (bluetooth & USB 2 in 1)   portable  card reader
1 mini USB cable
1 bluetooth adapter(Dongle)
1 MINIDX4B Software CD



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Prices are subject to change without previous notice.

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