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Supplies and Spare Parts

1 Track 3mm

 1 Track 3mmReference: 1T3M
Condition: New Product

2 Tracks 3mm 

2 Tracks 3mmReference: 2T3M
Condition: New Product

3 Tracks 3mm

Reference: 2T3M
Condition: New Product


TA48 Reader

Cable: US$35
Battery – CR2032: US$35
TA Reader
Software CD: US$35
Software Electronic Copy: US$25

Check Our Plastic ID and
PVC Cards Section

Spring Offers

81751 HiCo 2 Tracks or
3 Tracks
: US$25/100

81754 No Stripe
: US$10/100

White 2 Tracks

With Signature Panel

MSR206 Reader/Writer (Encoder)

USB Cable Kit: US$140
Power Supply: US$75
Power Cable: US$65
Software on CD: US$35
Software Electronic Copy: US$25

Parts for the
MSR206C, MSR805,
MSR705, MSR905 Encoders

Power Supply: US$65
Power Cable: US$75
Software on CD: US$35
Software Electronic Copy: US$25

MSR500ex Reader

Cable USB: US$35
Battery Lithium: US$35
Software (CD): US$35
Software Electronic Copy: US$25

TA32 Reader

Cable: US$25
TA Reader Software: US$35
Software Electronic Copy: US$35



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Prices are subject to change without previous notice.

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